Personalised Family Tree Book

We will help you trace your ancestors back to 1911 and then, where possible, research them back to mid/early 1800s keeeping you up to date with our progress by email as we go giving you the opportunity to comment and share anecdotes, photos and other memorabiia.

We will then publish the results of our research in a comb bound book. Once we have published your book you can order extra copies at a much reduced price if you wish to give individual copies to other family members.

We offer two levels of service; Basic and Customised.

Basic Book
If you would like just a basic book concentrating purely on the facts available from Census Returns at an affordable price then we are happy to do this.

Customised Book
On the other hand, if you want a more personalised book including, for example, photographs, copies of Certificates, and your own portions of text (such as anedotes), then we will be pleased to do this.

Also if you wish to give this book to a loved one as a gift then we will be happy to personalise the cover with wording of your choice.

Your book will contain the ancestors explained in narative form (mentioning where they lived and their occupations over the years together with any other information we can obtain) together with your Family Tree shown as a chart.  We will be happy to include an introductory chapter writen about your loved one by yourself if you wish and will be happy to consider further personalisation to make your book extra special.

We will also be happy to obtain any Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates for you that you would like to accompany your book.

In addition, if you would prefer your Book to be published as on a CD (so, for example, you can more easily send it to a relative who may live abroad)
then we will be happy to do this.

Also if you would like us to present your Family Tree in a GEDCOM file (so you can import it into your own Family Tree software) we would be happy to do this.

Basically, if you choose the customised option you are in control and we will endeavour to present the results of our research in whatever way you want.